About Us

Skyline Sign Service Ltd. is 100% Canadian owned and operated by a strong and dynamic couple, who with the help of an amazing team of committed individuals has brought Skyline Signs from a one-man, one-truck outfit to one of the most progressive sign companies in Alberta. Nine years ago, Kevin and Shelly Barabash created a vision for a new kind of sign company.

A company that would be a great place for people to work and a great place for people to do business. They continue to strive towards this vision by creating a top-quality product for their customers that is creative, unique, full of value and backed by a warranty and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We continue to foster a positive and fun work environment by celebrating our wins and developing our team. We are fully committed to our people and our clients. We take the time to listen to our clients, hear their story, develop a relationship, and get to know their signage needs. Image is very important to any business or organization and we understand this.

We want to hear about the challenges that our clients may have with their branding or name recognition and will work closely with them to develop a signage program that suits their needs, is customized for them, and brings people in the door! We believe in providing that “wow factor” for our clients and in turn their clients. Our philosophy is that signs should be works of art, bursting with creativity and quality. Signs are not just advertising but an investment for a business that should pay for itself over and over again.

Skyline Signs Vision Statement

To create brand awareness and thus success for every business and organization in Alberta.

Skyline Signs Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide complete signage solutions to our clients worry free so that they in turn can portray the best and most positive image of their company and brand possible. We do this by helping our people to grow and excel by providing a fun, safe, and fulfilling work place and thus creating team members who will provide great value, the highest quality product, and exceptional customer service.
Skyline Sign Services strives for excellence in the sign industry by ensuring the complete satisfaction of our clients and by creating a new culture of professionalism within the industry. We take pride in our commitment to safety, industry expertise, quality workmanship, value, problem solving, creativity, excellent customer service, and positive workplace environment.

Skyline Signs Points of Culture – the rules of our game

  1. Safety – is always our top priority and must be taken very seriously.
  2. Integrity – work and live honestly. Always do the best thing for our clients. Uprightness of character.
  3. Exceptional Service – Create trust and loyalty! Treat our clients with respect and dignity and go the extra mile to make them smile! Focus on serving others, exceeding expectations and creating raving fans! Always do your best work and demand the best from your team mates.
  4. Live above the line – be accountable, responsible, and take ownership of your position and duties.
  5. Organization – keep the site, our workplace, and our vehicles clean, tidy, and fully stocked.
  6. Environment – always maintain a clean and safe workplace. Be committed to being “green” by reducing, reusing, and recycling.
  1. Resourcefulness – create solutions and solve problems right away, discuss ideas, think outside the box.
  2. Accuracy – give attention to detail to everything you do. Do it right the first time. Be consistent.
  3. Education – make a commitment to both personal and corporate growth, let’s be experts, always learning.
  4. Teamwork – support fellow team members – be encouraging and communicate effectively. Deal direct. Problem solve and work together.
  5. Image – always be clean, friendly, professional, and helpful – your image is our image!
  6. Recognition – celebrate our wins and accomplishments!
  7. Fun – have fun! Love what you do because it will show.
  8. Reliability – for those we serve, but also for our team and company, be on time and on schedule.

Our Team

Shelly Barabash

President, Owner

Kevin Barabash

Vice-President of Operations, Owner

Jayda Craig

Project Coordinator

Chad Barabash


Chris Grenier

Account Manager

Jessica Perin


Chris Pigeot


Ben Natividad


Ralph Weselake

Shop Foreman

Robin Williams

Fabricator/Sheet Metal

Damian Williams

Fabricator/Sheet Metal

Jacob Barbaro


Mark Fajardo


Mark Dunville

Service Technician/Electrician

Ray Cardinal

Install/Service Technician

Kevin Smith

Install/Service Technician

Jordan Pelley

Install/Service Technician

If you are in need of professional signs in Edmonton, then Skyline Sign Services Ltd is here for you. Visit us again at skylinesigns.ca for more information about our services.


We treat each signage project with meticulous attention to detail and guarantee our work will exceed your expectations



5808 125th Ave NW Edmonton, AB T5W 5H2


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Business Hours

Monday – Friday | 8:00 am – 4:00 pm Emergency after hours service available. We provide service throughout Alberta.


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